BRAVEST - Company with a difference

A true destination of business opportunities, promoting Human Health, Wealth and Happiness with dignity.

BRAVEST FAMILY Marketing Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2019 with a view to providing unique business opportunities and promising career for the energetic people who want to be a success in their lives on their own. Company deals in high quality Health care products and numerous day to day useful products which are highly beneficial to Human health. It is a Direct selling company grouped together by hard working enthusiastic people who have self-reliance as their motive in life. Direct selling business is the fastest growing system of business in today's world.

OUR PRODUCTS: Company deals in a variety of high quality products ranging from Health care to fashion & style. Our products are selected by a qualified team of experts who possess long experience in this field. Our products are best in quality as compared to other similar products available in the market, with reasonable price our products fully satisfy the needs of our valued customer. Customer's satisfaction and benefit is our chief concern and inspiring motive. In the event of our customers not been satisfied with the quality of our product/products, company has a return or change policy for the customers, within a specified time-frame.

HOW TO BECOME A PREFERRED CUSTOMER OF OUR PRODUCTS: Without any charge or fee any person can become our preferred customer on the recommendation of our direct seller. Preferred customer will be able to buy any of our product/products on MRP by placing order to the company. We assure our customers of our best possible after services. Here it is to be noted that our customers are not entitled to any kind of dividend or payout on their purchase of our products as per company's policy.

HOW TO BECOME A DIRECT SELLER OF OUR PRODUCTS: Any person, without any charge or fee can apply online to become our direct seller. He/She will have to fill and submit an application form issued by the company, giving full details and informations theirin and enclosing all required documents.On receiving application form the applicant, it will be processed by verifying documents and details furnished.On acceptance of application, applicant will be informed and from the effective date he/she will be able to work as company's direct seller. Our Direct Seller will be entitled to buy company's products on D.P. (Distributor Price). Company reserves all rights to accept or reject any application.

ENTITLEMENT OF PAYOUTS TO OUR DIRECT SELLERS: Initially at first stage, attaining of 5 PV ( Points Value) of business, which is mandatory, company's Direct seller is entitled to some payouts and other benefits as per rules and business policies of the company. With his/her hard work and diligent efforts a direct seller can earn a good income and rise to any level of business status in the company. Company offers many good dividends/rewards/incentives to Direct Sellers who show commendable performance in achieving sale targets, Company allows number of benefits and rewards to our direct sellers such as Retail Profit, Matching Bonus, Life Time Reward, Bravery Reward, Car fund, Travel fund, House fund, Royalty, Speedy Bonus & Bonanza. For more details contact our customer care or personally visit our office on any working day.

A. Applicant desirous of becoming Direct Sellers of the company are advised to go through all the terms and conditions mentioned in registration form.
B. Bravest does not assure any level of income to any of our distributors as income and earning from BRAVEST depends solely on the sale targets achieved by the distributor.